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If you’ve ever thought that your house could do with a new space full of sun and feeling open to the world, a sunroom could be a wonderful addition to your home. Relaxing in your new sunroom at the end of the day, drink in hand, watching the sun go down. What could be better? 

However, adding a sunroom to your Johnstown home is a significant building task – and there are loads of choices to be made, both along the way and before you start working with your sunroom contractor and builder. So, we’ve assembled a list of everything you need to know about sunrooms, and how to start planning your gorgeous new space. 

What Types of Sunroom Are There?

Sunrooms, like all rooms, come in many different shapes and sizes. 

Classic Sunroom

our classic sunroom (also known as a conservatory or solarium) is a glassed-in space that protrudes from your home and that you can access from indoors. These rooms are typically unheated, so better for summer use – in the 518 area, with our colder winters, in particular! 

Four-season room

similar to sunrooms but are designed to be used all-year-round, with heating taken into account. There are also attached greenhouses, spaces akin to sunrooms but designed for plants, or screen rooms, which tend to have mesh-screen walls or windows and can be better for those on a budget. Apart from four-season rooms, these sunrooms are all meant to be used in mild weather. It’s important to think about what’d work best for your Gloversville home and your needs before beginning. 

Sunrooms, like all rooms, can only be put in appropriate locations in your home.

Where Should I Put My Sunroom?

A sunroom can go anywhere on your house – but as the sun’s the main attraction here, making sure it has access to good light is key. Take some time to look around your home and examine how the light hits it and the best locations for the most sunlight. Typically, in homes in northern areas, southern exposure is best. 

Once you’ve worked out the direction your sunroom should face, think about which room you could add it to. Adding a sunroom to a bathroom, for example, may not give it the relaxing feel you desire! It’s also vital to consider the space in which you can extend – a back yard will be much easier to build into than the side of your Broadalbin neighbor’s house. 

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What Materials Should I Use For My Sunroom?

In order to help you plan your sunroom with your sunroom contractor and builder, it’s good to be aware of the materials used. 

Building a wooden sunroom can add a beautiful, ornate feel to your home – but it can be much more expensive and require more maintenance. Wood is typically a good choice for screen rooms, as it works well with mesh materials. 

Sunrooms made primarily of vinyl are by far the most popular. Using vinyl means that you get great insulation and strength, will need to do less work on maintenance, and it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s usually available in white too, which most sunrooms tend to predominantly be – meaning you’ll have less design work on your hands.

Finally, using aluminum is also an option when considering your new sunroom. It’s particularly a popular choice for roofing your sunroom. However, it’s more expensive than vinyl, and lacks both vinyl and wood’s insulation capacities. 

To better choose your materials, your experienced Mayfield sunroom contractor and builder can help every step of the way. 


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Hiring a Sunroom Contractor and Builder

If, by now, you’re sold on a sunroom, hiring a good sunroom contractor and builder is vital. Your sunroom contractor and builder will not only guide you through all of the tricky technical choices, but will help you design your perfect space, ensuring that your money’s well-spent on a room you love.


For a sunroom contractor and builder in Fonda and Amsterdam, 518 Renovations can make sure you get the room of your dreams. Our friendly team of experts can assist you every step of the way with your new sunroom. Get in touch now – and let us help you create the sunroom you’ve always wanted.

How Much Will My Sunroom Cost?

Sunrooms have the benefit of being generally cheaper than full-room home additions – so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting more space for less money! A classic wooden sunroom costs around $15,000 on average, but can get pricier the more you include and the bigger you make it. Four-season rooms will be more expensive, as they need to take heating into account. 

For a cheaper choice, a screen room will be your best choice – they start from just $5,000 on average, meaning you can get great space at a very reasonable price. Whatever your choice, though, make sure you don’t get tempted to build it yourself – while it seems easy to make a sunroom, hiring a good sunroom contractor and builder will mean that your new room will last a lifetime. 

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